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the new story Cinderella will run until december 14 [ ]

sorry to everyone who has been watching this community- i have kind of let it slide lately for personal reasons. but a new story theme is up until december 14 & i can't wait to see some posts. this is an easy theme so i expect to see alot of posts!

this week's winner! [ ]

the winner is:

by frugal_muse

the photos submitted for this story were all very good. the votes were a tie, but as the moderator of this community, i broke the tie. good work everyone. we need more people to join, post, & vote for this to be really fun- so tell your friends! i have been thinking about christmas lately so this week- Tell Me a Christmas Story

[ ]

voting ends this sunday, so everyone get your photos & votes in!

alice in wonderland-chesire cat [ ]


Fallen Alice in her Blue Dress [ ]


Hi. I didn't take this photo specifically for this theme but when i read breathonme's post, i thought of this picture. i think it was the blue dress. I've never joined one of these photo communities before..im rather nervous. am i supposed to make a little artist's statement? this is a rather weak one. oops.

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