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tell me a story

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The idea here is to use pictures as stories. The picture itself can tell part of the story or a picture of a word/words could relay something of the story. Every Sunday I will announce the winners of the previous week & a new story idea (I will make up some & suggestions are very welcomed). It could be a known story such as, Little Red Riding Hood, or more general like- Tell me a story about being alone-whatever, you get the idea. People will vote for you if your picture is the best-at portraying the story, or best quality or maybe it's just the best transition to keep the story moving along. You vote by saying vote in your comment. No matter what the context, if I see the word vote I will assume that it is in fact a vote for that entry.

This week's story: Cinderella-this story will run until decemeber 14

If your photo is larger than 600 pix. at the widest point please use lj-cut. People will still look at it.

Artistic nudity is acceptable & need not be cut unless it exceeds the acceptable size.

You may post two photos per story week. They don't have to be posted in the same post (one could be posted on Tuesday-the other on Saturday)If you post two in the same post please use lj-cut for one of your choosing. Do not delete any of your posts or repost the same picture.

If there is a tie, as the moderator I will most likely break the tie with my own vote.

Pretty much anything goes. Digital art, scanner art, whatever you can think of that tells the story is acceptable.

Posts that do not follow these guidelines will be deleted. I reserve the right to alter these guidlines for the betterment of this community & it's members.
Be creative & have fun!

thanks to communities like photocontest
&photochallenge for the general idea & to phobose for the specific idea.
i am the moderator breathonme